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Combine Strategy & Design and you have the power to transform businesses to brands

Show up confidently & professionally in your business

Our goal is to help your clients to see your business, recognise it and remember it!
Our focus – developing and maintaining strong brands – is the key to achieving this.

Our clients often approach us when their brand and visuals are not communicating in a way that is professional, or speaking to the right clients. This leads to limiting their exposure or wasting time time trying to “fix” things. Whether you need a new brand and logo, require help in updating your brand assets, or would like to expand your marketing collateral in a professional manner that is perfectly aligned with your brand – we can help you to create your visual brand identity that truly reflects you.

Branding is not just simply a logo 

We’re in the business of understanding Branding.

The word “branding” is used as a term to identify. Whether it be a person or a company – branding should identify you and set you apart. 

Branding is the experience people have when they come into contact with you or your business – and when done right, it will differentiate your organisation from your competitors. Consistent branding helps to establish customer loyalty and trust in your product and service so that you are the first business in your customer’s mind.

You may be wondering “What’s the difference between a Logo and a Brand?”

Your brand is not just a logo. Your logo is an essential branding element, often including your name, a symbol, specific colours as well as a trademark, and is the pinnacle of your entire brand’s identity.

Your Branding encompasses every aspect of your business that clients identify with, inclusive of the visual design (Logos, brochures, website etc), as well as direct and indirect interactions with your customers through your product or service online, offline, or in person. It is your recognisable brand personality, brand voice, and your identity to mention just a few. And for each business these things will look just a little different. 

Our branding process follows a proprietary foundational blueprint method which allows us to discover the your brand, and helps us to bring it to life in your logo, website and supporting collateral in your business.

In order to understand and identify your brand, you need to look at your business landscape in more detail. We can help to uncover your brand foundations by looking inward to see what your business is truly made of, and outwards to understand your customers and find opportunities amongst your competitors. 

Logo & Branding Identity

We work with you to uncover your brand and create a visual brand identity that is beautiful but based on a firm strategic foundation.  This helps us to achieve an authentic brand presence while giving you a professional edge.

Collateral & Graphic Design

Keeping your branding consistent with cohesive collateral design is essential to your marketing efforts. From brochures and social media templates to signage and banners, we’ll enhance your brand throughout your business and showcase your products and services professionally.

Website Design

A silent sales tool, your website is a digital extension of your brand and often the first stop for a potential client or customer. It must complement your brand and support your business, service or product 24/7. 

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