Georgina Bowden Coaching

Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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 What we did

    • Refined Brand Foundations
    • Logo Design
    • Brand Corporate Identity
    • Stationery
    • Social Media Templates

Key Brand Results

    • Brand Confidence
    • Brand Consistency
    • High Impact Visuals
    • Personalised Brand Mark
    • Easy-to-use and Apply Brand Elements
    • Elevating Georgina’s Professional Presence

Georgina’s Results & Kind Words

“I knew that formalising my branding was something I wanted to do but had been nervous about finding someone that I felt would be able to translate my thoughts into colours, fonts and shapes AND have it all hang together really well. However Lisa did exactly that for me.

I now have a brand that helps me to feel more confident about my business, it’s really easy to use in a variety of ways and is high impact. I love the optional add ons like the social media templates, the Facebook cover images, email signatures and so on. I’ve had so many compliments about it. Lisa’s work has absolutely helped me take my business to the next level by giving me the confidence to show up in a visually consistent way.”

– Georgina

Logo Design for Business Coach


Georgina is a marketing and mindset coach who works with ambitious women in business who Just. Can’t. Stop. Procrastinating. She is a mindset-shifter, bravery-giver and loving arse-kicker! She offers personalised one-to-one mentoring, runs group coaching programs, masterminds, and a thriving monthly members club to help women succeed! And… SHE IS AMAZING!

However, her brand and visual identity did not do her business – Georgina Bowden Coaching – any justice, lacking the visual strength and consistency to bring the personality of her brand to life. George felt overwhelmed by stock templates, choices in colour, fonts and styles she was using, and needed a brand and logo that she could truly feel confident about and resonate with.


Our goal was to build a new visual identity that aligned Georgina with her target audience, to be seen as  a professional, but also someone who’s relatable and approachable by building a brand that she could “grow into” and that created a visual impact with her audience.

Georgina needed assistance to bring all the elements of her brand together in a visual way that uniquely and authentically represented her and her business

Business Card design
Logo Design for Business Coach

Our Solution

Understanding that Georgina already had some foundations in place, we worked together to highlight and emphasise the opportunities that would allow her to transform her business branding, reposition herself and realign herself to her ideal customers.

Working closely with George, we focussed on the personality and strengths of her brand which are all the things that draw her clients to her in the first place. We developed the brand to be approachable with a strong feminine confidence, yet modern and luxurious that is both professional and high value!

In addition a Brand Style Guide was developed to help guide and keep all of the branding elements consistent and professional. Her logo, stationery and social templates are perfectly aligned and guided by the fonts, colours and imagery.

On completion, to make sure that Georgina had everything she needs to maintain her brand’s visual integrity, the entire Brand was clearly marked and packaged in our easy-to-manage Signature Brand Library. This included all the logo files in various formats and colours, print ready and digital files of the designs, as well as templated social media designs.

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