Australian Handmade Cutting Boards, based in Brisbane

Handmade Cutting Boards

 What we did

    • Logo Design
    • Submark Design
    • Brand Style GuideLogo Design

Key Brand Results

    • Brand identity that tells a story
    • Cohesive On-brand Elements
    • Well-defined Brand Guidelines
    • Easy-to-use Logo Library
Cutting board and Logo design

Overview & Objective

TruWood is committed to provide quality handcrafted cutting boards and serving platters made from Australian wood and are environmentally sustainable, anti-bacterial, unique in design and 100% Australian owned.

The Luxe Branding Co was asked to create a brand identity for Truwood that showed that they are a proudly Australian manufacturer as well as reflect it’s quality and natural benefits of the locally sourced, sustainable and naturally antibacterial wood.

Our Solution

Working closely with the team at Truwood, we uncovered the brand essensce and unique benifits of the product, and the business.

With these brand foundations as a solid guide, we created an icon wich encompasses not only the location of the spcial wood, which is a major feature of the product, but also includes the symbolic representation of the antibacterial wood plant itself.

Combined with the name we developed this idea int a stamp that can be easily branded directly to the wood.

We also developed a style guide to ensure the brand identity remains clear and consistent

Logo Design and cutting board

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