Squish Kids

Children’s Occupational Therapy, located in Victoria Point and Capalaba, South-East Brisbane

Occupational Therapy

 What we did

    • Strategic Brand Analysis (incl. Target market and competitor Analysis)
    • Brand Positioning
    • Logo Development
    • Business Card
    • Letterhead
    • Email Signature
    • Corporate Brand Manual
    • Digital Advertising
    • Shopfront Signage
    • Banners
    • Mascot Colouring sheetst

Key Brand Results

    • Core Brand Strategy
    • Defined and Identifiable Audience
    • Strong Brand Positioning
    • Distinct Brand Voice
    • Clear Market Opportunities
    • Unique and Distinctive Brand Identity
    • Engaging & Friendly Brand Graphics that are Approachable & Connected 

    • Easy-to-access and Manage Brand Library
    • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines


Logo and submark designs


Strategic Brand Analysis (incl. Target market and competitor Analysis)  |  Brand Positioning  |  Logo Development  |  Business Card  |  Letterhead  |  Email Signature   |  Corporate Brand Manual  |  Digital Advertising   |  Shopfront Signage   |   Banners  |  Mascot Colouring sheets

Dots Allied Health, an NDIS provider, has been running since 2006, with a focus on therapies for both Adults and kids. 

The business started, as most do, with a passion and love of the work that you do, however as the business evolved and began to grow the team at Dots began to consider scaling the business, and saw a gap in the market for new specialised and independant clinics.

In 2019, Beth and her team opened the specialised child-centric clinics in order to provide an even better quality of care with a focus on paediatric well-being.

With this transformation, the team was not sure if the Children’s clinic should maintain the “Dots Kids” Brand Identity or move into a new direction with its own identity. And were unsure of how these changes could affect their customer relations.

Our Objective

We were tasked with taking a strategic look at the new clinics in relation to the existing brand and future ideal target audiences, and how the brand should be represented. This would include a process of in-depth brand analysis, competitor research, brand profiling and brand defining. We were also requested to consider possible names to align and encompas the new brand vision.

Stationery design including letterhead and business cards
Brand manual
Social media templates displayed on a mobile phone

Our Solution

We provided an indepth strategic brand analysis and profiling based on our proven strategic brand blueprint.
This strategy provided the infomration to firmly set in place their new kid-focus brand foundations, personlity and clearly defined their target audience.

Based on this, we developed a new brand identity to represent them as they are now – a brand that is child centric with a strong focus on families.

The identity is uniquely design to ensure that they are seen as approachable, and friendly. Their mascot is versatile and can be applied not only to marketing, but as a strategic tool within the practice. 

We also designed a number of brand collateral pieces to support this new identity including their stationery, brochures, promotional items, signage and so much more.

The new brand and identity provided the opportunity for this side of the Dots Allied Health business to be a stand-alone entity. Not only does this increase the brand value, attract new clients and staff, but also clearly positions this business up for any prospective future business aquisition. 

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