Wastewater Treatment Solutions that are Engineered for Tomorrow.
Luxembourg based Multi-national Organisation.

Environmental Engineering

 What we did

    • Strategic Brand Analysis

    • Target Market and Competitor Analysis

    • Brand Strategy

    • Brand Positioning

    • Logo Development

    • Business Stationery Suite

    • Corporate Brand Manual

    • roduct Brochures

    • Digital Advertising

    • Trade Show Signage

    • Banners

Key Brand Results

    • Established Strategic Brand Pillars
    • Business Differentiation
    • Defined Market Landscape
    • Distinctive Brand Positioning Statement
    • Distinct Brand voice
    • Clear customer communication
    • Defined Market Opportunities
    • Innovative Brand identity development 
    • Custom brand graphics
    • Easy-to-access and manage Brand Library
    • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines
Business card and Brand Guide design


Strategic Brand Analysis including Target market and competitor Analysis |  Brand Strategy  |  Brand Positioning  |  Logo Development  |  Business Card  |  Letterhead  |  Email Signature   |  Corporate Brand Manual  |  Product Brochures  |  Digital Advertising   |  Trade Show Signage   |   Banners

This multi-national world leader in wastewater management systems was established in 1988 and thanks to their passion for innovation and obsession with quality, their products have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the environment and their customers.

BIOROCK’s revolutionary approach, expertise and dedication to reinvention, aimed to define the future of wastewater treatment, creating solutions that are geared for the needs of tomorrow.

Our Objective

We needed to help distinguish the BIOROCK business from it’s competitors and make them instantly recognisable to their customers. We needed to  provide a clear purpose for why they are engaging customers and how they were doing so. Developing a cohesive brand strategy would help them to  communicate with their customers clearly.

In order to do so, we needed to:

  • Audit existing brand positioning and marketing collateral. Brand heritage, organisational values, strengths and capabilities.
  • Understand the competitive landscape and identify strengths and opportunities for differentiation.
  • Identify customer needs, attitudes and purchase motivators

The Logo and brand identity had to align with their business needs, emphasising their business strengths and embracing it’s opportunities.

Business card and submark monogram
Biorock Product Brochure

Our Solution

We identified and defined the new brand position and developed a new tagline “Engineered for Tomorrow” based on the clearly defined brand pillars that established during the brand strategy phase.

The brand Identity and new logo design was strongly driven by the brand foundastions.

At it’s core, the brand mark represents a combination of the revolutionary system which BIOROCK uses to purify water as well as cycle of water.

We also designed a number of brand collateral pieces to support this new identity including their stationery, brochures, promotional items, trade show collateral and so much more. We also provided a full, indepth corporate brand guide to help guide and direct consistency and clear brand direction for all stakeholders and suppliers within the business.

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